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Florida Commercial Mortgage | Anthology of Posts

For those of you interested in, practicing, or investing in Commercial Real Estate in Florida or the rest of the United States, here are some posts that might help you understand more about the industry and how it affects both the owner occupant and the investor as well as the Realtors and the Mortgage Brokers that work in the industry.


Florida Commercial Mortgage | Investment Formula - Debt Service Coverage Ratio

August 28th, 2007


What is it?
Who came up with this?
Why do we need to know another math equation?
How can it save a deal? or a client?

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Florida Commercial Mortgage | Loans for Small Business ~ Underwriting Methodology

August 25th, 2007 

Commercial Mortgages for Small Businesses are a notably animal than Residential Mortgages.  Commercial Mortgages are based on three main criteria but there are many variables that can make those criteria flex based on the lender and their goals.  Yes… the Lender’s goals.
In Residential Finance, my goal is to take the borrower’s unique needs and match […]

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Florida Commercial Mortgage | Just 3% Down - Small Balance Commercial Loans

July 1st, 2007 

So I was driving to a client and heard on the radio a commercial that played out like a skit

One guy was telling the other that he was expanding his business and needed a commercial loan.
The second one told him he just refinanced his commercial office condo and it was great.
Come to find out you […]

[

Florida Mortgage | Land Surveying Primer ~ Why you should order a survey every time!

July 29th, 2007 

A Land Surveying Primer
Ok… I am a little biased right now. I grew up in a Real Estate Industry Family…specifically my parents own a Land Surveying Company.

I remember at 11-12 years old going in and doing tax book research and answering phones…yes I was a master of microfiche […]

[

Florida Commercial Real Estate: Redevelopment of Industrial Zoned Land in South Florida

May 23rd, 2007 

Who loses most when city planners rezone commercial land in order to make room for more housing? Is it the right of a citizen who moves into an area rich in industrial zoning to complain about trucks and businesses or is this a buyer beware issue?
In Boynton Beach, Florida there is a controversy brewing about […]

[

Florida Mortgage | Advice ~ Your Mortgage Advisor is WHO???

April 21st, 2007

Today’s Mortgage Industry is a vast, complicated landscape of amortization, interest calculations, equity lines and bond prices.
People are clamoring to get in on the profession but soon find that it is far more education intensive than they ever would imagine.
Just keeping up with the ever changing progams offered by the major lenders is a […]

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